Back to Library…

Today ( 18th ) was a wonderful day. I am not sure of the specific reason for today to be a special day. Could be because I slept in late afternoon after a long time or had a cup of strong café mocha or I read 4 chapters of “A Beautiful Mind” ( an achievement for me, looking at my statistics for last 2 years ).

Evenings on weekends are something that I dread if I dont have any specific thing planned out, I cant do anything new nor can I do what I always want to do. But today was good, just woke up in evening and went to Coupa Café ( ofcourse on insistance of a friend, I am too lazy for such things ). I had some mocha while we chatted for sometime ( some usual stuff that I myself dont have an answer to ) and then we decided to go to stanford. It was almost 9pm by the time we reached standford.

We discussed some points and then decided to go to a library and read. I started reading the book and wow I did not feel like getting up until 11:00pm, when I finally felt I should be leaving. Not because I got bored, but because I felt its too late for me.

It was a wonderful expereince; I havent had such experience since I graduated ( Or dont have strong recollection of any ). I think I should do this more often, somehow a cup of coffee and books start a strange kindof feeling in me that makes me forget the sense of time and increases my thought process ( yeah, I know its stimulating nature, somehow I feel its too high for me ).

P.S. Why I wrote this article? I think I had too much coffee 😉